Exciting News To Share!

We are happy to announce that Amy Neaher of Neaher Law PLLC, has recently been appointed to the Court as a Lee County General Magistrate. With her new duties on the bench, she will no longer be able to run her law firm. We are so fortunate that Amy has entrusted sklawyers to work with her clients and continue the professional relationship in assisting her clients with trust and estate planning and subsequent probate and trust administration. If you were redirected from Amy’s website to our website, please contact our office to confirm that we will continue assisting you in the update and implementation of the Estate Plan designed by Neaher Law office. Our heartfelt congratulations go out to Amy with her new judicial career. Know that she has chosen sklawyers and entrusted us with the continued professionalism and compassion which you’ve become accustomed to.

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